Daily Sales Analytics

A must-have app to understand and grow your business. Get daily emails with all of your crucial analytics, including:

  • Sales totals
  • Top products
  • Top brands
  • Top tags
  • Top categories
  • Top customers

Core Data for Business Growth

You need data to drive decisions about what you sell, but compiling analytics can be messy. Eliminate the spreadsheet headache and have our app send you exactly what you need to know.

No Setup - No Code

This app is dead simple to use. Just install it, and receive an immediate report of yesterday's sales. From then, you'll receive a report everyday delivered directly to your email inbox with the day's sales numbers and core metrics.

Monthly or Customized Reports?

Want monthly or weekly roll-ups as well? We offer plans for that! Looking for something more customized? Please email hello@retailapps.io, and we'd be happy to let you know if what you're seeking is possible.